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Welcome to the MIKI'SIW Métis Association Website - we are glad you found us!!

As a local Chartered Community seeking to connect our members, we are always looking for ways for everyone to be involved. If you have a special skill that you can share with the association and fellow members, please let us know.

We are always looking for volunteers to help out at events and longer commitments like being involved on a committee. Please contact the office or chat to any Board Member you know about becoming involved in our community and the Métis Nation of BC.


MIKI'SIW Métis Association Today

The MIKI'SIW Métis Association is a non-profit organization, a registered society with the Province of British Columbia and a Chartered Community of the Métis Nation of British Columbia.  The organization  is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors, whom are voted in at the Annual General Meeting in October.

Association History


"We had humble beginnings. It started with a small group of interested Métis people wanting to form a local.  Glen Hendry, Mother June Hendry, Blake Mainprize, Teresa Burnam and myself Bryce Mercredi.

We met monthly over a period of about a year, Glen was the president, and I was the representative for the Island Métis. In 1994 we had a community meeting and elected Audrey Waite as our first President. We became North Island Métis Association and included all communities from Comox Valley to Port Hardy including Powell River.


In 2004 approximately 100 members in the Comox Valley voted in favor of forming our own local community which we called the MIKI’SIW Métis Association. The word MIKI”SIW is Cree for eagle and was chosen by the Board because of its sound and to stand out as our name as it is always printed in all capitals. The Eagle is a prominent animal in all Indigenous cultures and has many traits, the Plains Cree believe Eagles facilitate communication between men and spirits." - Bryce Mercredi, Elder


Bryce Mercredi  was elected the first president, a position he held until 2018. Originally Powell River was a part of our membership but has since formed their own Chartered Community. 



The Association has approximately 400 members, consisting of community and associate memberships and Registered Citizens of the Métis Nation of British Columbia.

To apply to become a member of the MIKI'SIW Métis Association or the Métis Nation of British Columbia  please click below.


As new items develop in our Nation and our community and we host events they will be included in our newsletter - click below to read or download the latest newsletter  or click on MNBC News to see the latest news from our Nation.




576 - England Ave. Courtenay BC V9N 2N3 250-871-7353

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